PROFYTA is a Dutch independent agricultural consultant that provides integrated crop solutions for any farmer in subtropical- and tropical climate zones. With more than 50 years of experience in the global seed and agriculture business, PROFYTA is able to provide tailor-made solutions for any specific challenge.

PROFYTA provides integrated crop solutions through the Total Care Concept. The goal is to support farmers from beginning to end to achieve optimum quality and high yields of their crops while improving sustainability.

The Total Care Concept stands on four pillars:

  • Select and supply seeds resistant to the most important diseases : Bacterial Wilt, TYLCV, Tuta Absoluta, Blights, Powdery Mildew, Nematodes
  • Apply crop cultivation models, fertilization - and crop protection programs
  • Tailor-made agriculture training programs for local staff
  • Supply and install smart farming sensors and apps for 24/7 online monitoring and support

As a result of Total Care farmers will use less water, less fertilizer, and less (bio-) pesticides while in the meantime achieving higher yields and higher quality. This has a significant positive impact on the farmers’ sustainability business case.

PROFYTA's Total Care Concept is unique because of its all-inclusive approach that no other company offers. Our in-house experts are your single point of contact to provide seeds and give personalized advice about bush management, fertilization and crop protection. Combined with the application of smart farm technology it provides the best foundation for farmers to achieve high yields and optimum quality of their crops in a sustainable way.

Summarized the Total Care Concept results in:

  • Increased farmer’s revenue by higher marketable yields and better prices
  • Higher food and nutrition security combined with a better environment through the reduction of chemicals, water and fertilizer usage
  • Transfer of knowledge through dedicated training programs
  • Limitation of the dependency of food crops import and saving of foreign currency

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